Dear Senator or Delegate:

We are writing today to demand that you increase investments in public education and “Fund Our Future.” Every child in Virginia, no matter their zip code or economic circumstance, deserves a fully funded, high-quality public school education.

Right now, Virginia is failing to fund our future. You must correct this error.

During the Great Recession, Virginia made deep and painful cuts to public education. More than $350 million dollars per year were cut from public education. Virginia’s economy has recovered, but the General Assembly has refused to restore these missing resources. As a result, localities are struggling to maintain aging public school buildings and cannot appropriately and competitively compensate their educators.

So, we are demanding that you do the following:

  1. Provide additional state investments to meet the increasing needs of our diverse student population.
  2. Provide additional state resources to attract and retain the best teachers and staff by paying them a salary at least equaling the national average.
  3. Reverse recession-era cuts and restore that state funding to our local schools.
  4. Direct resources to our schools and our students who are the most in need by increasing funding of the At-Risk Add On.
  5. Increase state support for capital investments in our local public schools.